Brand X Bucks

Brand X Bucks


These classes are aimed at children aged 3-17. Life requires our children to push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift and jump effectively and safely. We’ll teach them to do it.

NINJAS (3-5yrs)

A high energy 30 minute class that helps develop balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. Fun and interactive! We promote social skills by working as teams.

WARRIORS (6-12yrs)

A more structured 45 minute class. We start introducing movements and CrossFit equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls and kids barbells. Still plenty of fun, just a little more challenging to reflect their development!

SPARTANS (13yrs+)

A 60 minute session introducing more complex movements which are centred on basic weightlifting principles and gymnastics skills. These classes are challenging but the focus is always on having fun.


Part 1 – The Whiteboard – We go through the ‘plan of action’ for the class.
Part 2 – The Warm-Up – Games and animal movements to get everyone ready.
Part 3 – Skills – Learn or practice a skill, which is the focus of the session.
Part 4 – Workout Of the Day – Putting their new skills to the test.
Part 5 – Games – Traditional games with a CrossFit twist.

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