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George Arthur


CrossFit Level 1

As a child I had the privilege to compete nationally for swimming and as I grew into my teens train for Ealing Trailfinders as a Rugby player. This training has then led me to my journey into Crossfit. I have since acquired my degree in sport and fitness and utilised my knowledge to educate and help others.

My coaching experience has consisted of 4 years teaching children to swim. Coaching them into Team GB and on the flip, side enabling Adults to swim there first length.  I was also a strength and conditioning coach for my university rugby team in Brighton for the period I was getting my degree.

Since getting my degree, my coaching performance has improved. This is due to my greater understanding how our bodies function from a physiological standpoint and how we can progress overtime. I have also spent time in Parkinsons clinics assisting with Nutrional and Exercise implementation to improve their quality of life.

Having this understanding and experience drives me to help others and educate them to the best of my ability.  I hope that anyone who asks my help, leaves the conversation with a better understanding about themselves.

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